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Press Release: The World of Tomorrow in Data

Washington D.C., Dr. Wolfgang Fengler, incoming CEO of World Data Lab, spoke at the prestigious 2023 Global Inclusive Growth Summit on April 13, 2023. 

Dr. Fengler used World Data Lab’s innovative data-modeling tools, including, the World Emissions Clock, and World Data Pro, to share projected trends in migration, cities, and the climate. His talk focused on answering three fundamental questions, namely: how long will I live, how much will we earn, and can we prosper and manage climate change?

“We can envision a future where 8 billion people thrive in a world that is both prosperous and sustainable - especially if we let the data speak.” - Dr. Wolfgang Fengler

Presented by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and the Aspen Institute, the Summit provided an opportunity for private sector, social impact, and government leaders to discuss and find solutions to the pressing global challenges of our time. Speakers included Trevor Noah, Melinda French Gates, and David Malpass. 

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About World Data Lab:

World Data Lab (WDL) is a leading data analytics company that offers data- and software-as-a-service to corporations and organizations around the globe, producing the most consistent and credible estimates for spending and demography. WDL’s data models are global, granular, and forward-looking and track the Sustainable Development Goals in real-time, helping provide unique insights for businesses. 

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